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To My Wife Analysis

Author: Poetry of Philip Larkin Type: Poetry Views: 223

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1951Choice of you shuts up that peacock-fan

The future was, in which temptingly spread

All that elaborative nature can.

Matchless potential! but unlimited

Only so long as I elected nothing;

Simply to choose stopped all ways up but one,

And sent the tease-birds from the bushes flapping.

No future now.I and you now, alone.So for your face I have exchanged all faces,

For your few properties bargained the brisk

Baggage, the mask-and-magic-man's regalia.

Now you become my boredom and my failure,

Another way of suffering, a risk,

A heavier-than-air hypostasis.


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I think in this poem he is critiquing the marriage institution which limits his freedom.This poem is satirical. By this marriage he stopped all the ways up, but one." The word up means improvement and prosperity of his future by being married to his wife: " no future now." He left all faces for her face he bargained the brisk baggage for he " few properties." Now she is his suffering and his failure.
Ziyad abushalhah

| Posted on 2017-05-15 | by a guest

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