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Stupid Analysis

Author: Poetry of Raymond Carver Type: Poetry Views: 161

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UltramarineIt's what the kids nowadays call weed. And it drifts

like clouds from his lips. He hopes no one

comes along tonight, or calls to ask for help.

Help is what he's most short on tonight.

A storm thrashes outside. Heavy seas

with gale winds from the west. The table he sits at

is, say, two cubits long and one wide.

The darkness in the room teems with insight.

Could be he'll write an adventure novel. Or elsea children's story. A play for two female characters,

one of whom is blind. Cutthroat should be coming

into the river. One thing he'll do is learn

to tie his own flies. Maybe he should give

more money to each of his surviving

family members. The ones who already expect a little

something in the mail first of each month.

Every time they write they tell him

they're coming up short. He counts heads on his fingers

and finds they're all survivng. So what

if he'd rather be remembered in the dreams of strangers?

He raises his eyes to the skylights where rain

hammers on. After a while --

who knows how long? -- his eyes ask

that they be closed. And he closes them.

But the rain keeps hammering. Is this a cloudburst?

Should he do something? Secure the house

in some way? Uncle Bo stayed married to Aunt Ruby for 47 years. Then hanged himself.

He opens his eyes again. Nothing adds up.

It all adds up. How long will this storm go on?


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