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Pooch Analysis

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Songs of a Sun-LoverNurse, won't you let him in?

He's barkin' an' scratchen' the door,

Makin' so dreffel a din

I jest can't sleep any more;

Out there in the dark an' the cold,

Hark to him scrape an' whine,

Breakin' his heart o' gold,

Poor little pooch o' mine.Nurse, I was sat in ma seat

In front o' the barber shop,

When there he was lickin' ma feet

As if he would never stop;

Then all of a sudden I see

That dog-catcher moseyin' by:

"Whose mongrel is that?" says he;

"It's ma pedigree pup," says I.Nurse, he was starved an' a-stray,

But his eyes was plumbful o' trust.

How could I turn him away?

I throwed him a bit o' a crust,

An' he choked as he gluped it up,

Then down at ma feet he curled:

Poor little pitiful pup!

Hadn't a friend in the world.Nurse, I was friendless too,

So we was makin' a pair.

I'm black as a cast-off shoe,

But that li'le dog didn't care.

He loved me as much as though

Ma skin was pearly an' white:

Somehow dogs seem to know

When a man's heart's all right.Nurse, we was thick as thieves;

Nothin' could pry us apart,

An' now to hear how he grieves

Is twistin' a knife in ma heart.

As I worked at ma shoe-shine stand

He'd watch me wi' eyes o' love,

A-wigglin' an' lickin' ma hand

Like I was a god above.Nurse, I sure had no luck

That night o' the rain an' then fog;

There was that thunderin' truck,

And right in the way - ma dog.

Oh, I was a fool, I fear;

It's harder to think than to feel . . .

I dashed in, flung the pup clear,

But - I went under the wheel. . . .Nurse, it's a-gittin' dark;

Guess ma time's about up:

Don't seem to hear him bark,

Poor, broken-hearted pup! . . .

Why, here he is, darn his skin!

Lickin' ma face once more:

How did the cuss get in?

Musta' busted the door.God, I'm an ol' black coon,

But You ain't conscious o' race.

I gotta be goin' soon,

I'll be meetin' You face to face.

I'se been sinful, dice an' hooch,

But Lordy, before I die

I'se a-prayin': "Be good to ma pooch" . . .

That's all - little mutt, good-bye.


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