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My Prisoner Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 153

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Rhymes of a Red Cross ManWe was in a crump-'ole, 'im and me;

Fightin' wiv our bayonets was we;

Fightin' 'ard as 'ell we was,

Fightin' fierce as fire becauseIt was 'im or me as must be downed;

'E was twice as big as me;

I was 'arf the weight of 'e;We was like a terryer and a 'ound.'Struth! But 'e was sich a 'andsome bloke.

Me, I'm 'andsome as a chunk o' coke.

Did I give it 'im? Not 'arf!

Why, it fairly made me laugh,'Cos 'is bloomin' bellows wasn't sound.

Couldn't fight for monkey nuts.

Soon I gets 'im in the guts,There 'e lies a-floppin' on the ground.In I goes to finish up the job.

Quick 'e throws 'is 'ands above 'is nob;

Speakin' English good as me:

"'Tain't no use to kill," says 'e;"Can't yer tyke me prisoner instead?"

"Why, I'd like to, sir," says I;

"But -- yer knows the reason why:If we pokes our noses out we're dead."Sorry, sir. Then on the other 'and

(As a gent like you must understand),

If I 'olds you longer 'ere,

Wiv yer pals so werry near,It's me 'oo'll 'ave a free trip to Berlin;

If I lets yer go away,

Why, you'll fight another day:See the sitooation I am in."Anyway I'll tell you wot I'll do,

Bein' kind and seein' as it's you,

Knowin' 'ow it's cold, the feel

Of a 'alf a yard o' steel,I'll let yer 'ave a rifle ball instead;

Now, jist think yerself in luck. . . .

'Ere, ol' man! You keep 'em stuck,Them saucy dooks o' yours, above yer 'ead."'Ow 'is mits shot up it made me smile!

'Ow 'e seemed to ponder for a while!

Then 'e says: "It seems a shyme,

Me, a man wot's known ter Fyme:Give me blocks of stone, I'll give yer gods.

Whereas, pardon me, I'm sure

You, my friend, are still obscure. . . .""In war," says I, "that makes no blurry odds."Then says 'e: "I've painted picters too. . . .

Oh, dear God! The work I planned to do,

And to think this is the end!"

"'Ere," says I, "my hartist friend,Don't you give yerself no friskin' airs.

Picters, statoos, is that why

You should be let off to die?That the best ye done? Just say yer prayers."Once again 'e seems ter think awhile.

Then 'e smiles a werry 'aughty smile:

"Why, no, sir, it's not the best;

There's a locket next me breast,Picter of a gel 'oo's eyes are blue.

That's the best I've done," says 'e.

"That's me darter, aged three. . . .""Blimy!" says I, "I've a nipper, too."Straight I chucks my rifle to one side;

Shows 'im wiv a lovin' farther's pride

Me own little Mary Jane.

Proud 'e shows me 'is Elaine,And we talks as friendly as can be;

Then I 'elps 'im on 'is way,

'Opes 'e's sife at 'ome to-day,Wonders --


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