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Romance Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 170

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Lyrics of a Low BrowIn Paris on a morn of May

I sent a radio transalantic

To catch a steamer on the way,

But oh the postal fuss was frantic;

They sent me here, they sent me there,

They were so courteous yet so canny;

Then as I wilted in despair

A Frenchman flipped me on the fanny.'Twas only juts a gentle pat,

Yet oh what sympathy behind it!

I don't let anyone do that,

But somehow then I didn't mind it.

He seemed my worry to divine,

With kindly smile, that foreign mannie,

And as we stood in waiting line

With tender touch he tapped my fanny.It brought a ripple of romance

Into that postal bureau dreary;

He gave me such a smiling glance

That somehow I felt gay and cheery.

For information on my case

The postal folk searched nook and cranny;

He gently tapped, with smiling face,

His reassurance on my fanny.So I'll go back to Tennessee,

And they will ask: "How have you spent your

Brief holiday in gay Paree?"

But I'll not speak of my adventure.

Oh say I'm spectacled and grey,

Oh say I'm sixty and a grannie -

But say that morn of May

A Frenchman flipped me on the fanny!


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