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Talking In Bed Analysis

Author: Poetry of Philip Larkin Type: Poetry Views: 269

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The Whitsun Weddings1960Talking in bed ought to be easiestLying together there goes back so farAn emblem of two people being honest.Yet more and more time passes silently.

Outside the wind's incomplete unrest

builds and disperses clouds about the sky.And dark towns heap up on the horizon.

None of this cares for us. Nothing shows why

At this unique distance from isolationIt becomes still more difficult to find

Words at once true and kindOr not untrue and not unkind.


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This is the favourite poem by Larkin that I've had the pleasure of coming across. Along with "Here" it sums Larkin up as a poet and a person, because it deals with love and relationships, both of which, stereotypically, Larkin has a negative viewpoint on. However, as with many poems in the Whitsun Weddings collection it hints at positivity, for example in the ambigious line "lying there togehter" which suggests a positive connection between the persona and his loved one. An "emblem" may represent the "lies" and deceipt in this relationship, but the ambigiuity used by Larkin opens this love poem to interpretation. Larkin is a love poet and this poem shows this, although whether he is predominantly positive about love and women is unclear in his poetry as a whole.

| Posted on 2010-01-10 | by a guest

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