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Tor House Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robinson Jeffers Type: Poetry Views: 152

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Cawdor and other poems1928If you should look for this place after a handfulof lifetimes:

Perhaps of my planted forest a few

May stand yet, dark-leaved Australians or the coastcypress, haggard

With storm-drift; but fire and the axe are devils.

Look for foundations of sea-worn granite, my fingershad the art

To make stone love stone, you will find some remnant.

But if you should look in your idleness after tenthousand years:

It is the granite knoll on the granite

And lava tongue in the midst of the bay, by the mouthof the Carmel

River-valley, these four will remain

In the change of names. You will know it by the wildsea-fragrance of wind

Though the ocean may have climbed or retired a little;

You will know it by the valley inland that our sunand our moon were born from

Before the poles changed; and Orion in December

Evenings was strung in the throat of the valley likea lamp-lighted bridge.

Come in the morning you will see white gulls

Weaving a dance over blue water, the wane of the moon

Their dance-companion, a ghost walking

By daylight, but wider and whiter than any bird inthe world.

My ghost you needn't look for; it is probably

Here, but a dark one, deep in the granite, notdancing on wind

With the mad wings and the day moon.


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