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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
To Fly In Just Your SuitPoetry
Towards The Imminent Days (Section 4)Poetry
The Quality Of SprawlPoetry
The Dream Of Wearing Shorts ForeverPoetry
On Home BeachesPoetry
A Retrospect Of HumidityPoetry
The New HieroglyphicsPoetry
The Images AlonePoetry
Predawn In HealthPoetry
On The BordersPoetry
Travels With John HunterPoetry
The SleepoutPoetry
The Mowed HollowPoetry
The Meaning Of ExistencePoetry
The HarleysPoetry
Poetry And ReligionPoetry
Music To Me Is Like DaysPoetry
Late Summer FiresPoetry
Inside Ayers RockPoetry
Flowering Eucalypt In AutumnPoetry
Cockspur BushPoetry
Bat's UltrasoundPoetry
Aurora PronePoetry
An Absolutely Ordinary RainbowPoetry
Amanda's PaintingPoetry
The Butter FactoryPoetry
The New Hieroglyphicspoem
Travels With John Hunterpoem
An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbowpoem
To Fly In Just Your Suitpoem
Predawn In Healthpoem
The Images Alonepoem
The Quality Of Sprawlpoem
Flowering Eucalypt In Autumnpoem
The Sleepoutpoem
Inside Ayers Rockpoem
Late Summer Firespoem
Cockspur Bushpoem
Towards The Imminent Days (Section 4)poem
The Mowed Hollowpoem
A Retrospect Of Humiditypoem
The Dream Of Wearing Shorts Foreverpoem
Poetry And Religionpoem
On The Borderspoem
The Meaning Of Existencepoem
Music To Me Is Like Dayspoem
Amanda's Paintingpoem
The Aboriginal Cricketerpoem
Aurora Pronepoem
The Butter Factorypoem
On Home Beachespoem
Bat's Ultrasoundpoem
The Harleyspoem
Les Murray Biography