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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
You Are Old Father WilliamPoetry
Ye Carpette KnyghtePoetry
Walrus and the Carpenter, ThePoetry
Three Voices, ThePoetry
Tema con VariazioniPoetry
Size and TearsPoetry
Sea , ThePoetry
Prologue Poetry
Poeta Fit, Non NasciturPoetry
My FancyPoetry
Melancholetta Poetry
Mad Gardener's Song, ThePoetry
Little BirdsPoetry
Lang Coortin', ThePoetry
Hunting of the Snark, ThePoetry
Hiawatha 's PhotographingPoetry
Four RiddlesPoetry
Fame 's Penny-TrumpetPoetry
Epilogue to Through the Looking GlassPoetry
Echoes Poetry
A ValentinePoetry
A Sea DirgePoetry
A Game of FivesPoetry
Jabberwocky Poetry
Lobster -Quadrille, ThePoetry
How Doth the Little CrocodilePoetry
Voice of the Lobster, ThePoetry
White Knight's Song, ThePoetry
The Aged Aged ManPoetry
A Strange Wild SongPoetry
You Are Old, Father WilliamPoetry
All In The Golden AfternoonPoetry
The Hunting Of The SnarkPoetry
A Strange Wild Songpoem
Poeta Fit, Non Nasciturpoem
The Hunting Of The Snarkpoem
The Aged Aged Manpoem
All In The Golden Afternoonpoem
You Are Old, Father Williampoem
A Sea Dirgepoem
My Fancypoem
The Walrus And The Carpenterpoem
Lewis Carroll Biography