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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
An Old MemoryPoetry
An Easy-Goin' FellerPoetry
An Easter OdePoetry
After WhilePoetry
After a VisitPoetry
Advice Poetry
Accountability Poetry
A Thanksgiving PoemPoetry
A Summer's NightPoetry
A Summer PastoralPoetry
A Summer NightPoetry
A Starry NightPoetry
A QuestionPoetry
A PrayerPoetry
A PleaPoetry
Mystery , ThePoetry
A MadrigalPoetry
A LyricPoetry
A Love LetterPoetry
A Florida NightPoetry
A Drowsy DayPoetry
A Death SongPoetry
A Creed and Not a CreedPoetry
Corn Stalk Fiddle, ThePoetry
A Corn-SongPoetry
A Coquette ConqueredPoetry
Conscience And RemorsePoetry
Confirmation Poetry
A ConfidencePoetry
A Christmas FolksongPoetry
A CareerPoetry
By the StreamPoetry
A Border BalladPoetry
Blue Poetry
Beyond the YearsPoetry
A Banjo SongPoetry
Sympathy Poetry
Trouble in De KitchenPoetry
Why Fades a Dream?Poetry
Deserted Plantation, ThePoetry
Colored Soldiers, ThePoetry
Not They Who SoarPoetry
An Ante-Bellum SermonPoetry
Frederick DouglassPoetry
Night of LovePoetry
Alice Poetry
Rivals , ThePoetry
Lover and the Moon, ThePoetry
Two SongsPoetry
Retort Poetry
Longing Poetry
Passion and LovePoetry
Song Poetry
After the QuarrelPoetry
To LouisePoetry
Ione Poetry
Unexpressed Poetry
Ere Sleep Comes Down to Soothe the Weary EyesPoetry
When De Co'n Pone's HotPoetry
Signs of the TimePoetry
Ships that Pass in The NightPoetry
Old Front Gate, ThePoetry
Lawyers ' Way, ThePoetry
Haunted Oak, ThePoetry
Debt , ThePoetry
At the TavernPoetry
Little Brown BabyPoetry
Ode to EthiopiaPoetry
Poet and His Song, ThePoetry
A Negro Love SongPoetry
When Dey 'Listed Colored SoldiersPoetry
He Had His DreamPoetry
We Wear the MaskPoetry
When Malindy SingsPoetry
Theology Poetry
Seedling , ThePoetry
Sand -Man, ThePoetry
Poet , ThePoetry
In the MorningPoetry
Farm Child's Lullaby, ThePoetry
Douglass Poetry
Colored Band, ThePoetry
Morning Poetry
Unlucky Apple, ThePoetry
A Golden DayPoetry
To DanPoetry
Barrier , ThePoetry
Encouraged Poetry
Encouragement Poetry
Howdy , Honey, HowdyPoetry
My Little March GirlPoetry
Merry AutumnPoetry
My Little March Girlpoem
Merry Autumnpoem
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