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The Moon is distant from the Sea Analysis

Author: poem of Emily Dickinson Type: poem Views: 22

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The Moon is distant from the Sea—
And yet, with Amber Hands—
She leads Him—docile as a Boy—
Along appointed Sands—

He never misses a Degree—
Obedient to Her Eye
He comes just so far—toward the Town—
Just so far—goes away—

Oh, Signor, Thine, the Amber Hand—
And mine—the distant Sea—
Obedient to the least command
Thine eye impose on me—


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I feel that the poem reflects Emily\'s beliefs about feminism. She was very independent and you can see that- at the beginning of the poem, she describes the moon as a feminine object which directs the male, but at the end, the role of the sexes are reversed! Perhaps her views on her independence changed towards the end? Maybe she thought it would have been nice to have a man in her life even if it meant she must be obedient to him. Just my thoughts on what it might mean. I\'d like to hear other people\'s opinions of it though.

| Posted on 2012-09-16 | by a guest

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In this poem, it is portrayed that the moon and the sea are lovers. Later in the poem, it is viewed as Emily and the "Signor" as being lovers. It is concluded that she is metaphorically comparing her relationship with a man, to the relationship of the moon and sea.

| Posted on 2009-05-12 | by a guest

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