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To A Daughter Leaving Home Analysis

Author: poem of Linda Pastan Type: poem Views: 27

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When I taught you
at eight to ride
a bicycle, loping along
beside you
as you wobbled away
on two round wheels,
my own mouth rounding
in surprise when you pulled
ahead down the curved
path of the park,
I kept waiting
for the thud
of your crash as I
sprinted to catch up,
while you grew
smaller, more breakable
with distance,
pumping, pumping
for your life, screaming
with laughter,
the hair flapping
behind you like a
handkerchief waving


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very nice message and good chocie of music. The message of May k.i.s.s. by Belle makes a wonderful companion to this one with beautiful photos and fittingly expressive music by Steven Halpern. Just click´╗┐ on my name to watch

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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Inte vet jag, det e4r ju de4rff6r jag fre5gar ;)Du kanske har ne5gra ff6rslag?Iste4llet ff6r att gf6ra relakm ff6r kost X se5 e4r mitt ff6rslag: c4t det som ger dig obunden energi le5ngsiktigt utan svackor. Me4t utvecklingen - trenden ska bli be4ttre och be4ttre e5r efter e5r (inte tve4rtom). Har man energi har man energi att bre4nna fettet. Att ha energi innebe4r att man spenderar den. Se4ger man "orka!" till allt i livet se5 har man ingen energi, det de4r vet man innerst inne - obunden energi innebe4r att ingen fysisk aktivitet e4r ett hinder - tve4rtom. c4r man trf6tt, he4ngig, ofta sjuk, osv se5 e4r ens spontana ff6rbre4nning extremt mycket le4gre e4n den hade varit om man e4r pigg och frisk... varff6r man ska satsa pe5 he4lsa och le5ngsiktig energi ff6rst och vikten ff6rsvinner pe5 kf6pet.2011/9/24 Disqus

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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