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Vision Of The Archangels, The Analysis

Author: Poetry of Rupert Brooke Type: Poetry Views: 273

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Slowly up silent peaks, the white edge of the world,
Trod four archangels, clear against the unheeding sky,
Bearing, with quiet even steps, and great wings furled,
A little dingy coffin; where a child must lie,
It was so tiny.(Yet, you had fancied, God could never
Have bidden a child turn from the spring and the sunlight,
And shut him in that lonely shell, to drop for ever
Into the emptiness and silence, into the night. . . .)

They then from the sheer summit cast, and watched it fall,
Through unknown glooms, that frail black coffin -- and therein
God's little pitiful Body lying, worn and thin,
And curled up like some crumpled, lonely flower-petal --
Till it was no more visible; then turned again
With sorrowful quiet faces downward to the plain.


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The Vision of the Archangels was written by Rupert Brooke during WWI. This poem is referring to the bloodshed that took place during this war, especially the first few battles that Rupert participated in. The "white edge of the world" is referring to the edge of Heaven, which to the angels is the end of the world. When the child's coffin is descibed afer that, it symbolizes the death of innocence and the beginning of something dark and dreadful. When the angels cast the coffin from the "sheer summit" they are throwing God's coffin to the Earth so that we can see what we have done to the mightiest and holiest being in the world with our hate and unecessary bloodshed. This poem somewhat protests the war. At the end, when the coffin is falling through "unknown glooms" we see that the angels are unfamiliar with the Earth. What are they going to do now that their master is dead? Will they avenge him? After reaing the last line of the poem, don't think so. They turned with "sorrowful, quiet faces..." showing that they are sad, but no anger or hatred marrs their features. They will be better than us humans. They will make their master proud of them.

| Posted on 2008-12-13 | by a guest

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