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The Ballad Of The Ice-Worm Cocktail Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 171

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Bar-Room BalladsTo Dawson Town came Percy Brown from London on the Thames.

A pane of glass was in his eye, and stockings on his stems.

Upon the shoulder of his coat a leather pad he wore,

To rest his deadly rifle when it wasn't seeking gore;

The which it must have often been, for Major Percy Brown,

According to his story was a hunter of renown,

Who in the Murrumbidgee wilds had stalked the kangaroo

And killed the cassowary on the plains of Timbuctoo.

And now the Arctic fox he meant to follow to its lair,

And it was also his intent to beard the Artic hare...

Which facts concerning Major Brown I merely tell because

I fain would have you know him for the Nimrod that he was.Now Skipper Grey and Deacon White were sitting in the shack,

And sampling of the whisky that pertained to Sheriff Black.

Said Skipper Grey: "I want to say a word about this Brown:

The piker's sticking out his chest as if he owned the town."

Said Sheriff Black: "he has no lack of frigorated cheek;

He called himself a Sourdough when he'd just been here a week."

Said Deacon White: "Methinks you're right, and so I have a plan

By which I hope to prove to-night the mettle of the man.

Just meet me where the hooch-bird sings, and though our ways be rude

We'll make a proper Sourdough of this Piccadilly dude."Within the Malamute Saloon were gathered all the gang;

The fun was fast and furious, and the loud hooch-bird sang.

In fact the night's hilarity had almost reached its crown,

When into its storm-centre breezed the gallant Major Brown.

And at the apparation, whith its glass eye and plus-fours,

From fifty alcoholic throats responded fifty roars.

With shouts of stark amazement and with whoops of sheer delight,

They surged around the stranger, but the first was Deacon White.

"We welcome you," he cried aloud, "to this the Great White Land.

The Artic Brotherhood is proud to grip you by the hand.

Yea, sportsman of the bull-dog breed, from trails of far away,

To Yukoners this is indeed a memorable day.

Our jubilation to express, vocabularies fail...

Boys, hail the Great Cheechako!" And the boys responded: "Hail!""And now," continued Deacon White to blushing Major Brown,

"Behold assembled the


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