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Moon-Lover Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 218

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Bar-Room BalladsIThe Moon is like a ping-pong ball;

I lean against the orchard wall,

And see it soar into the void,

A silky sphere of celluloid.Then fairy fire enkindles it,

Like gossamer by taper lit,

Until it glows above the trees

As mellow as a Cheddar cheese.And up and up I watch it press

Into appalling loneliness;

Like realms of ice without a stain,

A corpse Moon come to life again.Ruthless it drowns a sturdy star

That seeks its regal way to bar;

Seeming with conscious power to grow,

And sweeter, purer, gladder glow.Dreaming serenely up the sky

Until exultantly on high,

It shimmers with superb delight,

The silver navel of the night.III have a compact to commune

A monthly midnight with the Moon;

Into its face I stare and stare,

And find sweet understanding there.As quiet as a toad I sit

And tell my tale of days to it;

The tessellated yarn I've spun

In thirty spells of star and sun.And the Moon listens pensively,

As placid as a lamb to me;

Until I think there's just us two

In silver world of mist and dew.In all of spangled space, but I

To stare moon-struck into the sky;

Of billion beings I alone

To praise the Moon as still as stone.And seal a bond between us two,

Closer than mortal ever knew;

For as mute masses I intone

The Moon is mine and mine alone.IIITo know the Moon as few men may,

One must be just a little


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