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45 Mercy Street Analysis

Author: Poetry of Anne Sexton Type: Poetry Views: 188

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<p>In my dream, <br>

drilling into the marrow <br>

of my entire bone, <br>

my real dream, <br>

I'm walking up and down Beacon Hill <br>

searching for a street sign -- <br>

namely MERCY STREET. <br>

Not there. <p>I try the Back Bay. <br>

Not there. <br>

Not there. <br>

And yet I know the number. <br>

45 Mercy Street. <br>

I know the stained-glass window <br>

of the foyer, <br>

the three flights of the house <br>

with its parquet floors. <br>

I know the furniture and <br>

mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, <br>

the servants. <br>

I know the cupboard of Spode <br>

the boat of ice, solid silver, <br>

where the butter sits in neat squares <br>

like strange giant's teeth <br>

on the big mahogany table. <br>

I know it well. <br>

Not there. <p>Where did you go? <br>

45 Mercy Street, <br>

with great-grandmother <br>

kneeling in her whale-bone corset <br>

and praying gently but fiercely <br>

to the wash basin, <br>

at five A.M. <br>

at noon <br>

dozing in her wiggy rocker, <br>

grandfather taking a nap in the pantry, <br>

grandmother pushing the bell for the downstairs maid, <br>

and Nana rocking Mother with an oversized flower <br>

on her forehead to cover the curl <br>

of when she was good and when she was... <br>

And where she was begat <br>

and in a generation <br>

the third she will beget, <br>

me, <br>

with the stranger's seed blooming <br>

into the flower called


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