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Reflection Analysis

Author: poem of Riann Erucolii Type: poem Views: 16

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The light that spills through the crack in the door

     Illumines only her face

          And my grandmother smiles

       If only all of life was this easy

         To only be a child forever

     With nothing to care about

    And nothing to lose

Every day in the schoolyard

     There was kickball

               Dodge ball


         Friends were many, we were all the same

          And nobody ever cried

     When mothers called us home

Be the best, they told us

     Second place is never good enough

          There is no second chance

           Your life is what you make it

     Make it better than mine

         Make it more

Than you can be, and break your own stars.

The war of nineteen years, is everybody's battle

     Survivors win a sheet of paper that says:

               You are free; you can go;

               Get away; run

And we lose everything you've ever made

          Temporary friends

               Provisional lives

And there were so many choices

     And I didn't know what foot

          To start on

     And what foot would follow

               And where the paths


          Lead me

I always had a dream

     What if it never happens?

          What if I never find


Within my frantic

               Ramblings along

          The way

There would be no world left

     If I never fell in love

            What if I never

        Get the chance to see


And love them

     And love me

Why do those kisses

     Always seem so


     So ceaseless

And so



Maybe sometime

     I will have a child

    Though it is not what

          I would call a good time

     To shove a watermelon

          Through a


So many things to do

     And there is never enough time

     And every breath I take is closer

          To the final draw

     So many places

To leave

     My proof of life

What I need?


           I can not

       Be in wanting

   In lacking

     In greed

Or lust

I need to give everything I have

     To them

          My family

     My parts of me

It would kill me to not be there

     To see them live

The way I have yet to live

I am afraid of change

     Everything I do I

   Do the same

                 Every day

      Is only

    A mirror

Of the last

And every day

     As I grow I learn

     A little more about myself

          And I know I need

More than myself

I must not

          Be alone

I never want to be

     Unable to be me

      My child is still there

  Somewhere down inside

If only

     I was me

  One last time

The light that spills through the crack in the door

     Illumines only her face

          If only all of life were this easy

   Someday she will know

          And I smile

               At my beautiful granddaughter


Submitted by Chris Adams


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