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Portent Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 5

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Courage mes gars:

La guerre est proche

I plant my little plot of beans,

I sit beneath my cyprus tree;

I do not know what trouble means,

I cultivate tranquillity . . .

But as to-day my walk I made

In all serenity and cheer,

I saw cut in an agave blade:

"Courage, my comrades, war is near!"

Seward I went, my feet were slow,

Awhile I dowsed upon the shore;

And then I roused with fear for lo!

I saw six grisly ships of war.

A grim, grey line of might and dread

Against the skyline looming sheer:

With horror to myself I said:

"Courage, my comrades, war is near!"

I saw my cottage on the hill

With rambling roses round the door;

It was so peaceful and so still

I sighed . . . and then it was no more.

A flash of flame, a rubble heap;

I cried aloud with woe and fear . . .

And wok myself from troubled sleep -

My home was safe, war was not near.

Oh, I am old, my step is frail,

My carcase bears a score of scars,

And as I climbed my homeward trail

Sadly I thought of other wars.

And when that agave leaf I saw

With vicious knife I made a blear

Of words clean-cut into the raw:

"Courage, my comrades, war is near!"

Who put hem there I do not know -

One of these rabid reds, no doubt;

But I for freedom struck my blow,

With bitter blade I scraped them out.

There now, said I, I will forget,

And smoke my pipe and drink my beer -

Yet in my mind these words were set:

"Courage, my comrades, war is near!"

"Courage, my comrades, war is near!"

I hear afar its hateful drums;

Its horrid din assails my ear:

I hope I die before it comes. . . .

Yet as into the town I go,

And listen to the rabble cheer,

I think with heart of weary woe:

War is not coming - WAR IS HERE.


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