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In The Secular Night Analysis

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In the secular night you wander around

alone in your house. It's two-thirty.

Everyone has deserted you,

or this is your story;

you remember it from being sixteen,

when the others were out somewhere, having a good time,

or so you suspected,

and you had to baby-sit.

You took a large scoop of vanilla ice-cream

and filled up the glass with grapejuice

and ginger ale, and put on Glenn Miller

with his big-band sound,

and lit a cigarette and blew the smoke up the chimney,

and cried for a while because you were not dancing,

and then danced, by yourself, your mouth circled with purple.

Now, forty years later, things have changed,

and it's baby lima beans.

It's necessary to reserve a secret vice.

This is what comes from forgetting to eat

at the stated mealtimes. You simmer them carefully,

drain, add cream and pepper,

and amble up and down the stairs,

scooping them up with your fingers right out of the bowl,

talking to yourself out loud.

You'd be surprised if you got an answer,

but that part will come later.

There is so much silence between the words,

you say. You say, The sensed absence

of God and the sensed presence

amount to much the same thing,

only in reverse.

You say, I have too much white clothing.

You start to hum.

Several hundred years ago

this could have been mysticism

or heresy. It isn't now.

Outside there are sirens.

Someone's been run over.

The century grinds on.


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Do u understand that she is a wrietr and the interview is about her work and certain elements that she has focused on in the way of debt. If you want to hear about the debt issue overall than watch CNN if you think you will learn something there. Truly your comment reflects the most pitiful of ignorant mentality. Her mentioning of religion and astrology is because her works often focus on how religious beliefs have shaped and molded politics and patriarchal dominance. Research before commenting

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

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Glad to spread the word. The guy's kind of amanizg. Russian guy living in Montenegro, educating himself with English-language classics. Do include the link. Nothing better for a blogger than to be rounded-up :-)! x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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Hey Negaitive Halo, I appreciate your cornecns around the financial crises we are in, and the HUGE complexity thereof, but how deeply could she have delved into this? Did you want her to discuss OTC derivatives? The precepts and ludicrousnes of mark to market accounting and Enron?Bear in mind, most Americans have trouble understanding the indebtedness our country has to China due to village-idiot bush and his borrowing. Maybe she's trying to speak to the lay-people?

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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, a dog's breakfast/dinner.My frnied in Dubai was worried my book cover would arrive blackened out after she ordered the book through a local bookstore, but when she picked it up it had been thumbed through by the censors but nothing blackened, I was happy!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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