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Allegory Of The Cave Analysis

Author: poem of Stephen Dunn Type: poem Views: 17

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He climbed toward the blinding light

and when his eyes adjusted

he looked down and could see

his fellow prisoners captivated

by shadows; everything he had believed

was false. And he was suddenly

in the 20th century, in the sunlight

and violence of history, encumbered

by knowledge. Only a hero

would dare return with the truth.

So from the cave's upper reaches,

removed from harm, he called out

the disturbing news.

What lovely echoes, the prisoners said,

what a fine musical place to live.

He spelled it out, then, in clear prose

on paper scraps, which he floated down.

But in the semi-dark they read his words

with the indulgence of those who seldom read:

It's about my father's death, one of them said.

No, said the others, it's a joke.

By this time he no longer was sure

of what he'd seen. Wasn't sunlight a shadow too?

Wasn't there always a source

behind a source? He just stood there,

confused, a man who had moved

to larger errors, without a prayer.

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