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Boon Soul Analysis

Author: poem of Robert Service Type: poem Views: 0

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Behold! I'm old; my hair is white;

My eighty years are in the offing,

And sitting by the fire to-night

I sip a grog to ease my coughing.

It's true I'm raucous as a rook,

But feeling bibulously "bardy,"

These lines I'm scribbling in a book:

The verse complete of Thomas Hardy.

Although to-day he's read by few,

Him have I loved beyond all measure;

So here to-night I riffle through

His pages with the oldtime pleasure;

And with this book upon my knee,

(To-day so woefully neglected)

I muse and think how soon I'll be

Myself among the Great Rejected.

Yet as these lines with zest I write,

Although the hour for me is tardy,

I think: "Of all the world to-night

'Tis I alone am reading Hardy";

And now to me he seems so nigh

I feel I commune with his spirit,

And as none love him more than I,

Thereby I gain a modest merit.

Oh Brother Thomas, glad I'll be,

Though all the world may pass unheeding,

If some greybeard con over me,

As I to-night your rhymes are reading;

Saying: "Old Bastard, you and I

By sin are knit in mind and body. . . ."

So ere to hit the hay I hie

Your ghost I'll toast in midnight toddy.


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