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Sailor 's Mother, The Analysis

Author: Poetry of William Wordsworth Type: Poetry Views: 363

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One morning (raw it was and wet---

A foggy day in winter time)

A Woman on the road I met,

Not old, though something past her prime:

Majestic in her person, tall and straight;

And like a Roman matron's was her mien and gait.

The ancient spirit is not dead;

Old times, thought I, are breathing there;

Proud was I that my country bred

Such strength, a dignity so fair:

She begged an alms, like one in poor estate;

I looked at her again, nor did my pride abate.

When from these lofty thoughts I woke,

"What is it," said I, "that you bear,

Beneath the covert of your Cloak,

Protected from this cold damp air? "

She anwered, soon as she the question heard,

"A simple burthen, Sir, a little Singing-bird."

And, thus continuing, she said,

"I had a Son, who many a day

Sailed on the seas, but he is dead;

In Denmark he was cast away:

And I have travelled weary miles to see

If aught which he had owned might still remain for me.

The bird and cage they both were his:

'Twas my Son's bird; and neat and trim

He kept it: many voyages

The singing-bird had gone with him;

When last he sailed, he left the bird behind;

From bodings, as might be, that hung upon his mind.

He to a fellow-lodger's care

Had left it, to be watched and fed,

And pipe its song in safety;---there

I found it when my Son was dead;

And now, God help me for my little wit!

I bear it with me, Sir;---he took so much delight in it."


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