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Sonnet XXXVI Analysis

Author: Poetry of Edmund Spenser Type: Poetry Views: 171

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TEll me when shall these wearie woes haue end,

Or shall their ruthlesse torment neuer cease:

but al my dayes in pining languor spend,

without hope of aswagement or release.

Is there no meanes for me to purchace peace,

or make agreement with her thrilling eyes:

but that their cruelty doth still increace,

and dayly more augment my miseryes.

But when ye haue shewed all extremityes,

then thinke how litle glory ye haue gayned:

by slaying him, whose lyfe though ye despyse,

mote haue your life in honour long maintayned.

But by his death which some perhaps will mone,

ye shall condemned be of many a one.


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