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A Channel Passage Analysis

Author: Poetry of Rupert Brooke Type: Poetry Views: 273

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The damned ship lurched and slithered.Quiet and quick

My cold gorge rose; the long sea rolled; I knew

I must think hard of something, or be sick;

And could think hard of only one thing -- YOU!

You, you alone could hold my fancy ever!

And with you memories come, sharp pain, and dole.

Now there's a choice -- heartache or tortured liver!

A sea-sick body, or a you-sick soul!

Do I forget you?Retchings twist and tie me,

Old meat, good meals, brown gobbets, up I throw.

Do I remember?Acrid return and slimy,

The sobs and slobber of a last years woe.

And still the sick ship rolls.'Tis hard, I tell ye,

To choose 'twixt love and nausea, heart and belly.


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This poem is one of Brooke's poems in the Realist style. It maintains similar form and style to period poetry but demonstrates a drastic shift in subject matter. The poem which seeks to hold true to life and portray an accurate description of reality drew harsh criticism in its period, disgusting many reviewers.

| Posted on 2009-04-25 | by a guest

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