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While Asters- Analysis

Author: Poetry of Emily Dickinson Type: Poetry Views: 205

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While Asters-

On the Hill-

Their Everlasting fashions-set-

And Covenant Gentians-Frill!


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I've always had a thing for biuterfltes! Not that far from where I live, an old rubbish heap has been made grow over with grass, and it is now a popular hill for model plane enthusiasts to fly their planes from. It is covered in wild flowers, which makes for a butterfly paradise. To go there on a sunny day and just lay in the grass to watch the biuterfltes is utter bliss for me.And my sister bought me a pair of tiny yellow biuterfltes for earrings, to be worn with my favourite yellow dress :-) x x

| Posted on 2013-11-18 | by a guest

.: :.

I love the bird cup with butterfly hadnle, beautiful. Last summer, I was particularly gifted with luna moths and polyphemus - both magical, large and around most regularly all summer. It was amazing. Unfortunately, the owls, and other birds I love, also love to eat them.. and so it is. I now have a huge collection of wings and sometimes whole bodies without the insides. Good for drawing, or just keeping in the treasures box. But, of course, I much preferred finding them clinging to my screen door or fluttering around the porch at night. It was a magical summer.

| Posted on 2013-11-15 | by a guest

.: :.

Hello Julie,Thank you for your kind words on my post "On my mind". My words seemed to have touhecd a few peoples hearts which in turn touches mine.I'm so glad I've come to say hello because I have discovered your beautiful work. I love your work, both the illustrations on your ceramics and the ceramics themselves. You are a very talented lady. I am your newest follower. :) I'm also going to give my Mum your link because she just adores butterflies.Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us here in blogland.Have a lovely weekend,Anne xx

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

.: :.

Thank you so much for this arlicte, it saved me time!

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

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