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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
Four HaikuPoetry
When the winter chrysanthemums goPoetry
The old pondPoetry
Teeth sensitive to the sandPoetry
Staying at an innPoetry
Spring rainPoetry
Don't imitate mePoetry
Cold night: the wild duckPoetry
A monk sips morning teaPoetry
A cool fall nightPoetry
A field of cottonhaiku
Coolness of the melonshaiku
This old villagehaiku
First snowhaiku
The morning glory alsohaiku
Autumn moonlighthaiku
First day of springhaiku
A beehaiku
Teeth sensitive to the sandhaiku
First winter rainhaiku
Heat waves shimmeringhaiku
A caterpillarhaiku
Moonlight slantinghaiku
Winter gardenhaiku
Four Haikupoem
A cicada shellhaiku
Bush warblerhaiku
A cool fall nighthaiku
Staying at an innhaiku
The dragonflyhaiku
Blowing stoneshaiku
The squid seller's callhaiku
Wrapping the rice cakeshaiku
A monk sips morning teahaiku
Fleas, licehaiku
What fish feelhaiku
The old pondhaiku
How admirablehaiku
Spring rainhaiku
A snowy morninghaiku
Taking a naphaiku
Don't imitate mehaiku
Awake at nighthaiku
Cold night: the wild duckhaiku
The oak treehaiku
When the winter chrysanthemums gohaiku
Winter solitudehaiku
Matsuo Basho Biography