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These Are The Clouds Analysis

Author: poem of William Butler Yeats Type: poem Views: 23

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These are the clouds about the fallen sun,

The majesty that shuts his burning eye:

The weak lay hand on what the strong has done,

Till that be tumbled that was lifted high

And discord follow upon unison,

And all things at one common level lie.

And therefore, friend, if your great race were run

And these things came, So much the more thereby

Have you made greatness your companion,

Although it be for children that you sigh:

These are the clouds about the fallen sun,

The majesty that shuts his burning eye.


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It's more complex than it sdouns. My father decided to come clean about things I didn't necessarily want to know while I was in love with love. Not only did the groom not let me down, but he's still around 35 years later. My dad, by the way, also made things right. He and my mother are re-married for 25 years now a total of way more than 50 together.

| Posted on 2013-11-16 | by a guest

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It was briliant but you hotafw stop bending down. I like the bit when you was singin it was good it was fantastat I relly liked it. just put a bit of efate into it.it relly was briliant it was incredibul brill I cant belivet it was good so fantastic it was out of this wold.xxx x x

| Posted on 2013-11-14 | by a guest

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An orange glow, an anocaynne that won't shut offWhen I close my eyes andReopen themA reprieveA blast of laser, or fiftyHalts the scourge in its tracksI learned to never let down my guardNot that it would make any differenceThere was nothing I could doTo stop the blacknessThe sizzling invasionOf Zeus' hands on a black and oily dayThe fountain of dread that would not be pluggedThe fighting for clarity, a vain trial of tearsA problem for faith and technologyThat finally saved my visionAfter three months of a plunge into nothingnessWriting this poem a product of the miracles of medicineEven though the punctuation battles with floatersAnd words now and then miss a leter or twoSmile, dammitI am

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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~MASKED~Frozen motionless,spiral-stair-case bound…screaming, “STOP.”Broken bttole,Her broken glassestwisted on the linoleum,limbs splayed out… flailing.Neck x walkinglike a zombie down the hallto your bedroom;eyes glazed, sickening rage.All because your wife tippedthe last sip from your bttole.She slept on the couch,I sat in the reclined armchairthe remainder of the nightunable to close my eyes;listening for the slidingof your bedroom door.Planning…I would retrieve a butcher knifeto protect our very livesif need be.I was only twelve.My siblings were only pretendingthat they were asleep,not wakened by her stifled screams.Her bruises were half hiddenby a turtle-neck the next day;your efforts to make us all forgetwith a dinner out…Lost on us all.An unsettling undertonemasked your tactics. a9 Hannah Gosselin 9/19/12

| Posted on 2013-11-13 | by a guest

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WOW!Honour, you are like water transparent alayws on the move giving life a source of inspiration I really like this view to the life: running free...meaning left behindlike the bedrockunder sand'Even the shape of your poem illustrates exactly your reflections on my blog: and then, the next one is clear of all remains. Just a little stream of water running, running free. You gave a new life to my pics both by your thoughtful comment and with this beautiful poem Thanks for running so vigorously and beautifully in my life Namaste!P.S. I'll put the link to your poem on my blog.

| Posted on 2013-11-12 | by a guest

.: :.

This poem jumped out at me when I was reading a collection of Yeat\'s poetry because of its grand tone. They are magnificent words and have a sense of great sadness. It\'s the sadness of a god looking on. It\'s a great rocklike sadness. I see images of great statues battered by wind and rain when I read it.
In terms of the content I think it\'s essentially about what\'s now called \'dumbing down\'. It\'s about the great dramas and contrasts of life being washed in a sea of depressive ambivalence. In this way it feels incredibly modern. He\'s not specific about what will cause the world of \'discord\' in which all things \'at one common level lie\'. The ambiguity makes it more universal: we can find our own depressive, ambivalent enemies. And worry that we are on the side of these enemies by contributing to the dumbing down. We can worry that we helped topple the great giants.
It\'s an example of an \'adversarial mask\' leading to a very thought provoking poem.

| Posted on 2013-01-26 | by a guest

.: :.

In this poem there is a rhyme scheme of ABABABA until the poem comes to a close. Also the first to opening lines are also the two closing lines.

| Posted on 2010-01-01 | by a guest

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