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This Is A Photograph Of Me Analysis

Author: poem of Margaret Atwood Type: poem Views: 88

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It was taken some time ago.

At first it seems to be

a smeared

print: blurred lines and grey flecks

blended with the paper;

then, as you scan

it, you see in the left-hand corner

a thing that is like a branch: part of a tree

(balsam or spruce) emerging

and, to the right, halfway up

what ought to be a gentle

slope, a small frame house.

In the background there is a lake,

and beyond that, some low hills.

(The photograph was taken

the day after I drowned.

I am in the lake, in the center

of the picture, just under the surface.

It is difficult to say where

precisely, or to say

how large or small I am:

the effect of water

on light is a distortion

but if you look long enough,


you will be able to see me.)


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I believe this poem is about the speaker\'s suicide,
she first describes the beautiful scenery of the poem; and in this description she mentions a tree...she puts the species of the tree inside parenthesis, as if the species is unimportant, but she wishes to mention it anyway. She also does this when she mentions her own death at the end of the poem, the entirety of her self description is in parenthesis as if to say \"Oh yeah, here\'s this minor detail...\" Also, the fact that the picture was taken the day after her death makes it seem as though the world didn\'t mourn her death in that the photographer basically photographed her grave which upon first glance seems beautiful, scerene; rather than melancholic which is how it should be seen.
The last line of the poem the speaker mentions how people will be too distracted by the beauty of the scene to truly see the speaker lying beneath the surface of the water; the water which could symbolize the facade which she presented to the world...

| Posted on 2011-04-23 | by a guest

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What are the metaphors, similes, repetition ryhme scheme and symbolism for this poem

| Posted on 2011-02-17 | by a guest

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