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After The Last Dynasty Analysis

Author: poem of Stanley Kunitz Type: poem Views: 15

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Reading in Li Po

how "the peach blossom follows the water"

I keep thinking of you

because you were so much like

Chairman Mao,

naturally with the sex


and the figure slighter.

Loving you was a kind

of Chinese guerilla war.

Thanks to your lightfoot genius

no Eighth Route Army

kept its lines more fluid,

traveled with less baggage

so nibbled the advantage.

Even with your small bad heart

you made a dance of departures.

In the cold spring rains

when last you failed me

I had nothing left to spend

but a red crayon language

on the character of the enemy

to break appointments,

to fight us not

with his strength

but with his weakness,

to kill us

not with his health

but with his sickness.

Pet, spitfire, blue-eyed pony,

here is a new note

I want to pin on your door,

though I am ten years late

and you are nowhere:

Tell me,

are you stillmistress of the valley,

what trophies drift downriver,

why did you keep me waiting?

Submitted by Jen


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