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He Never Expected Much Analysis

Author: poem of Thomas Hardy Type: poem Views: 44

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Well, World, you have kept faith with me,

Kept faith with me;

Upon the whole you have proved to be

Much as you said you were.

Since as a child I used to lie

Upon the leaze and watch the sky,

Never, I own, expected I

That life would all be fair.

'Twas then you said, and since have said,

Times since have said,

In that mysterious voice you shed

From clouds and hills around:

"Many have loved me desperately,

Many with smooth serenity,

While some have shown contempt of me

Till they dropped underground.

"I do not promise overmuch,

Child; overmuch;

Just neutral-tinted haps and such,"

You said to minds like mine.

Wise warning for your credit's sake!

Which I for one failed not to take,

And hence could stem such strain and ache

As each year might assign.


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I believe that Hardy moulded himself to never expect by learning from the natural world in \'leaze and watch the sky\' and \'clouds and hills around\'. \'who am i\' is probably his way of saying that his life is only a fraction of what makes the world, it is unimportant. Hardy is content, calm and accepting because he is not disappointed as he never expected much.

| Posted on 2013-03-03 | by a guest

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He is calling upon his angel and thanking our lord and savior Jesus Christ for giving him life. God Bless him. And may God Bless you.
-Rev. Peter Middleton SJ

| Posted on 2011-09-01 | by a guest

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I have just started analyising this poem in english, we have thought of he never expected much is actually not an Emma poem, but a poem of Hardy himself reviewing over his past and thanking the \"world\" for telling him not to expect much.Hardy saw life as of cruelty and cinnical, throughout the poem it is as if he is gloating, (mainly just in the title) about people who had higher expectations. Basically he was trying to say he didnt expect much of life so he couldnt be disappointed and this has been borne out by his experiences; his pessimism has been proven/justified.

| Posted on 2011-08-09 | by a guest

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\'In that mysterious voice you said\' referance a a \'voice\' is a common feature to many of Hardy\'s poems that are devoted to remembering emma. Tyhe voice of his dead wife, presummably, appears to both haunt and comfort Hardy - remenissing the fact that he is very much confused and has yet to come to terms with Emma\'s death.

| Posted on 2011-02-03 | by a guest

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Unlike Romantics who would dwell over disappointments, Hardy shows that, while never expecting much anyways, he never got disappointed. It is not emotional, it's not romantic. It is neutral, and this is the theme behind much of his literature.

| Posted on 2010-07-08 | by a guest

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