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O Sure) But Analysis

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e.e. cummings Complete Poems 1904-1962o


nobody unders(no

but Rully yes i

know)but what it comesto(listen you don't have toi mean Reely)but(no listen don't

be sil why sure)i mean the(o

well ughhuh sure why not yuh course yeh well

naturally i und certain i o posi buti know sure that's)but listen here's(correct you said it yeah)but

listen but(it's Rilly yeh

ughhuh yuh)i know(o sure iknow yes

ofcourse)but what i mean is Nobody Understands Her RERLY


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There are just times you want a direct answer but no matter how hard you press, the more convoluted it becomes. Even an opinion or critique is illegible.
I see the poem as a conversation between Cummings and another about a female analysing a poem of his.
Perhaps Cummings, while interrupting the respondant, in trying to understand, is egging them on. What he is left with is what he started upon: that nothing can be gained.
The poem almost seems to be one side of a telephone connection.
He finally is yelling the last line..he finally gets it out but still can\'t get it right.
Maybe we never do. Maybe wer\'re so used to hearing what we want to hear that messages aren\'t fully comprehended. A note not adequately translated.

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