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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
One Size Fits All: A Critical EssayPoetry
June 11Poetry
Wittgenstein's LadderPoetry
With TenurePoetry
Twelfth NightPoetry
To William HoldenPoetry
To The Author Of GlarePoetry
To PsychePoetry
The LiftPoetry
The Left BankPoetry
The GiftPoetry
The Difference Between Pepsi And CokePoetry
Tenth CommandmentPoetry
Shake The Superflux!Poetry
September 22Poetry
Our Friendship (January 14)Poetry
Operation MemoryPoetry
Ode To PornographyPoetry
Ode To Modern ArtPoetry
October 16Poetry
October 12Poetry
Ninth InningPoetry
May 8Poetry
March 30Poetry
March 1Poetry
June 6Poetry
June 19Poetry
July 12Poetry
July 10Poetry
January 31 (The sky is crumbling...)Poetry
January 31Poetry
January 3Poetry
January 24Poetry
January 2Poetry
January 1Poetry
Fifth AmendmentPoetry
February 23Poetry
Examples (August 27)Poetry
Eleventh HourPoetry
December 7Poetry
December 25Poetry
December 14Poetry
Big HairPoetry
August 15Poetry
April 24Poetry
April 21Poetry
April 19Poetry
A Quick One Before I GoPoetry
A Little HistoryPoetry
May 26Poetry
To William Holdenpoem
When A Woman Loves A Manpoem
May 26poem
To The Author Of Glarepoem
April 26poem
January 3poem
Ninth Inningpoem
Examples (August 27)poem
One Size Fits All: A Critical Essaypoem
The Shield Of A Greetingpoem
October 16poem
Our Friendship (January 14)poem
January 1poem
June 11poem
April 21poem
November 6poem
With Tenurepoem
Operation Memorypoem
December 25poem
Twelfth Nightpoem
June 19poem
May 8poem
July 10poem
Shake The Superflux!poem
Eleventh Hourpoem
The Left Bankpoem
March 1poem
January 2poem
To Psychepoem
April 24poem
The Giftpoem
Fifth Amendmentpoem
December 7poem
A Little Historypoem
July 12poem
August 15poem
January 31 (The sky is crumbling...)poem
October 12poem
A Quick One Before I Gopoem
January 31poem
Tenth Commandmentpoem
March 30poem
June 6poem
Ode To Pornographypoem
December 14poem
Ode To Modern Artpoem
The Difference Between Pepsi And Cokepoem
Big Hairpoem
February 23poem
January 24poem
April 19poem
Wittgenstein's Ladderpoem
September 22poem
The Liftpoem
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