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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
Solstice As Demon LoverPoetry
Skin TradePoetry
Park ApocryphaPoetry
Michael Who Walks by NightPoetry
Iconography SaysPoetry
Homeric InterimPoetry
Even ThisPoetry
Eros In His Striped Blue ShirtPoetry
Apollo On What The Boy GavePoetry
Eros In His Striped Blue Shirtpoem
Iconography Sayspoem
Solstice As Demon Loverpoem
Orpheus Plays The Bronxpoem
How People Disappearpoem
Homeric Interimpoem
Apollo On What The Boy Gavepoem
Skin Tradepoem
Park Apocryphapoem
Even Thispoem
Michael Who Walks by Nightpoem
Reginald Shepherd Biography