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Title of PieceProse or Poetry
The Young ChurchwardenPoetry
Sitting on a BridgePoetry
The ChangePoetry
The Background and The FigurePoetry
The Statue of LibertyPoetry
To My Father's ViolinPoetry
At Mayfair LodgingsPoetry
The DuelPoetry
The RiddlePoetry
The Faded FacePoetry
The Wind Blew WordsPoetry
On a Midsummer EvePoetry
Quid Hic Agis?Poetry
To Shakespeare After Three Hundred YearsPoetry
Copying Architecture in an Old MinsterPoetry
To the MoonPoetry
Joys of MemoryPoetry
Near Lanivet, 1872Poetry
She , I, and TheyPoetry
"You Were The Sort That Men Forget"Poetry
Heredity Poetry
The RivalPoetry
First Sight of Her and AfterPoetry
At The Word "Farewell"Poetry
Apostrophe to an Old Psalm TunePoetry
In a MuseumPoetry
At The Wicket-GatePoetry
Afternoon Service at MellstockPoetry
We Sat at The WindowPoetry
Why Be at Pains?Poetry
The Voice of ThingsPoetry
Moments of VisionPoetry
The Blinded BirdPoetry
Before KnowledgePoetry
Timing HerPoetry
Snow in the SuburbsPoetry
In a WoodPoetry
The Darkling ThrushPoetry
The Fire at Tranter Sweatley’sPoetry
During Wind and RainPoetry
God 's FuneralPoetry
The Man He KilledPoetry
Ah , Are You Digging on My Grave?Poetry
The OxenPoetry
The Convergence Of The TwainPoetry
The Temporary The AllPoetry
I Look Into My GlassPoetry
Lines Poetry
The Two MenPoetry
Heiress And ArchitectPoetry
Additions Poetry
In A Eweleaze Near WeatherburyPoetry
The Slow NaturePoetry
At An InnPoetry
The ImpercipientPoetry
Nature 's QuestioningPoetry
To An Orphan ChildPoetry
To A LadyPoetry
In a WookPoetry
Middle -Age EnthusiasmsPoetry
Thought Of Ph---a At News Of Her DeathPoetry
To Outer NaturePoetry
Friends BeyondPoetry
Unknowing Poetry
A Meeting With DespairPoetry
The Ivy-WifePoetry
Her ImmortalityPoetry
My CicelyPoetry
A Sign-SeekerPoetry
The Casterbridge CaptainsPoetry
The Dance At The PhoenixPoetry
Her Death And AfterPoetry
The AlarmPoetry
The Peasent's ConfessionPoetry
Leipzig Poetry
The BurghersPoetry
The Stranger's SongPoetry
San SebastianPoetry
Valenciennes Poetry
The Sergeant's SongPoetry
Ditty Poetry
She , To Him IVPoetry
She , To Him IIIPoetry
She , To Him IIPoetry
She , To HimPoetry
Revulsion Poetry
Her DilemmaPoetry
Her InitalsPoetry
She At His FuneralPoetry
Neutral TonesPoetry
A Confession To A Friend in TroublePoetry
Postponement Poetry
At A BridalPoetry
In Vision I RoamedPoetry
Hap Poetry
Amabel Poetry
Absent-Mindedness in a Parish ChoirProse
Alicia's DiaryProse
Andrey Satchel and the Parson and ClerkProse
Anna, Lady BaxbyProse
Barbara of the House of GrebeProse
Blue Jimmy: The Horse StealerProse
A Changed ManProse
A Committee-Man of 'The Terror'Prose
Destiny and a Blue CloakProse
The Distracted PreacherProse
The Doctor's LegendProse
The Duchess of HamptonshireProse
The Duke’s ReappearanceProse
Enter a DragoonProse
Fellow TownsmenProse
A Few Crusted Characters: IntroductionProse
The Fiddler of the ReelsProse
The First Countess of WessexProse
For Conscience' SakeProse
The Grave by the HandpostProse
The History of the HardcomesProse
The Honourable LauraProse
How I Built Myself a HouseProse
An Imaginative WomanProse
Incident in the Life of Mr. George CrookhillProse
Interlopers at the KnapProse
The Lady IcenwayProse
Lady MottisfontProse
The Lady PenelopeProse
The Marchioness of StonehengeProse
Master John Horseleigh, KnightProse
The Melancholy Hussar of the German LegionProse
A Mere InterludeProse
Netty Sargent's CopyholdProse
Old Andrey's Experience as a MusicianProse
Old Mrs ChundleProse
On the Western CircuitProse
Our Exploits at West PoleyProse
The Romantic Adventures of a MilkmaidProse
The Son's VetoProse
Squire Petrick's LadyProse
The Superstitious Man's StoryProse
The Thieves Who Couldn't Help SneezingProse
The Three StrangersProse
Tony Kytes, The Arch-DeceiverProse
To Please His WifeProse
A Tradition of Eighteen Hundred and Four Prose
A Tragedy of Two AmbitionsProse
A Tryst At An Ancient EarthworkProse
The UnconquerableProse
The Waiting SupperProse
What the Shepherd SawProse
The Winters and the PalmleysProse
The Withered ArmProse
Waiting BothPoetry
The Choirmaster's BurialPoetry
The Fallow Deer At The Lonely HousePoetry
Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"Poetry
When I Set Out For LyonnessePoetry
Under The WaterfallPoetry
To An Unborn Pauper ChildPoetry
Thoughts Of PhenaPoetry
Then And NowPoetry
The Year's AwakeningPoetry
The VoicePoetry
The To-Be-ForgottenPoetry
The Sun On The BookcasePoetry
The SubalternsPoetry
The Selfsame SongPoetry
The Self-UnseeingPoetry
The Ruined MaidPoetry
The Roman RoadPoetry
The RamblerPoetry
The Pity Of ItPoetry
The Masked FacePoetry
The House Of HospitalitiesPoetry
The GoingPoetry
The Ghost Of The PastPoetry
The Fire At Tranter Sweatley'sPoetry
The Farm Woman's WinterPoetry
The Dead Man WalkingPoetry
The ContretempsPoetry
The Church-BuilderPoetry
The Cave Of The UnbornPoetry
She Hears The StormPoetry
No BuyersPoetry
Night In The Old HomePoetry
My Spirit Will Not Haunt The MoundPoetry
Midnight On The Great WesternPoetry
Last Words To A Dumb FriendPoetry
In Time Of "The Breaking Of Nations"Poetry
In The Vaulted WayPoetry
In The MoonlightPoetry
In TenebrisPoetry
I Said To LovePoetry
I Have Lived With ShadesPoetry
He Never Expected MuchPoetry
George MeredithPoetry
Epitaph On A PessimistPoetry
Drummer HodgePoetry
Channel FiringPoetry
Between Us NowPoetry
At The Railway Station, UpwaysPoetry
At Lulworth Cove A Century BackPoetry
Architectural MasksPoetry
An Autumn Rain-ScenePoetry
An Ancient To AncientsPoetry
Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?Poetry
A Thunderstorm In TownPoetry
A Broken AppointmentPoetry
At Lulworth Cove A Century Backpoem
When I Set Out For Lyonnessepoem
An Autumn Rain-Scenepoem
A Thunderstorm In Townpoem
At The Railway Station, Upwayspoem
I Said To Lovepoem
The House Of Hospitalitiespoem
Waiting Bothpoem
The Dance At The Phoenixpoem
Under The Waterfallpoem
She Hears The Stormpoem
The Farm Woman's Winterpoem
Night In The Old Homepoem
The Contretempspoem
The Choirmaster's Burialpoem
Architectural Maskspoem
The Roman Roadpoem
I Have Lived With Shadespoem
Lines On The Loss Of The "Titanic"poem
An Ancient To Ancientspoem
In Tenebrispoem
Then And Nowpoem
The Subalternspoem
The Sun On The Bookcasepoem
The Voicepoem
Epitaph On A Pessimistpoem
A Broken Appointmentpoem
The Man He Killedpoem
In The Vaulted Waypoem
The Dead Man Walkingpoem
George Meredithpoem
The Goingpoem
The Ghost Of The Pastpoem
Midnight On The Great Westernpoem
The To-Be-Forgottenpoem
The Darkling Thrushpoem
Let Me Enjoypoem
Last Words To A Dumb Friendpoem
Drummer Hodgepoem
The Masked Facepoem
The Year's Awakeningpoem
The Oxenpoem
The Ruined Maidpoem
The Church-Builderpoem
Men Who March Awaypoem
The Self-Unseeingpoem
Thoughts Of Phenapoem
A Wife In Londonpoem
In The Moonlightpoem
In A Museumpoem
No Buyerspoem
The Cave Of The Unbornpoem
In Time Of "The Breaking Of Nations"poem
Channel Firingpoem
To An Unborn Pauper Childpoem
A Confession To A Friend In Troublepoem
The Fire At Tranter Sweatley'spoem
The Ramblerpoem
He Never Expected Muchpoem
Between Us Nowpoem
The Selfsame Songpoem
The Fallow Deer At The Lonely Housepoem
My Spirit Will Not Haunt The Moundpoem
During Wind And Rainpoem
I Look Into My Glasspoem
The Pity Of Itpoem
Ah, Are You Digging On My Grave?poem
Moments Of Visionpoem
The Convergence Of The Twainpoem
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